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This is a forum made for members and followers of Team Rumble Rock to discuss updates, suggestions and other things like that.
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 New Members, read this!

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New Members, read this! Empty
PostSubject: New Members, read this!   New Members, read this! I_icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2011 1:21 am

Ok, I'll start out with saying that this forum was made for the members of Team Rumble Rock, and the followers to discuss several things about Pokémon Rumbles Rock.
If you want to discuss other things, I'll be adding a section for that too, but try to focus mainly on the hack.
You can add suggestions, ideas, bugs found (when alphas and betas are out), and maybe join the team.
This is also a place for the members to share the work (members only, stay out!) for those who doesn't have skype.

There are a few rules that I would like that people follow, members and non members.

1. Be nice and respect each other. If people make grammar mistakes or other stuff, don't flame them. Simply point out what's wrong and tell them

2. Don't spam or troll. It's annoying as hell.

3. If you're deciding to make a thread, make sure there isn't already created a thread about something like that.

4. Don't make anything inappropriate. The minimum age is 8 years, so they should have a place to be here too.

This will be updated. Now you just have a general idea of what we don't want you to do here. lol!
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New Members, read this!
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